Project Amal ou Salam


amal ou salaamProject Amal ou Salam (Project Hope and Peace) has a mission of, “Actively contributing to a nonviolent transition in Syria through educational and social programming for refugee and internally displaced Syrian children.” The overall objective of the program is to contribute actively and meaningfully towards a nonviolent transition to an inclusive, secure, and sustainable peace in Syria through the implementation of a transformative educational psychosocial program for refugee and internally displaced children. The program seeks to tailor the education system to the needs of Syria’s traumatized children ages 6 through 15.

The Syria Airlift Project envisions more than moving cargo. Our goal is to create a powerful, symbolic, nonviolent campaign that can draw together Syrians of goodwill from every religion, ethnicity, and political allegiance. Even children can participate. Project Amal ou Salam has traditionally used art projects to help Syrian refugee children work through their trauma. Through the Syria Airlift Project, those children will soon be able to decorate real aircraft that will deliver food, medicine, and messages of hope to the Syrians they have left behind.


People Demand Change, LLC


PDC‘s mission is “to provide a better, more streamlined model for providing aid and support – on a long-term basis – to civil society actors in the MENA region. We work to expand and strengthen civil society through the provision of aid and support both activist and humanitarian in nature. We strive to assist local communities to procure the resources, training and capital needed to reconstruct responsibly and sustainably toward a free, democratic Middle East and North Africa.”

PDC’s core areas of work include:

  • I. Civil society support
  • II. Mapping and data information services
  • III. Conflict Mediation
  • IV. Monitoring and Evaluation

PDC, which maintains offices in Turkey, is the Syria Airlift Project’s gateway into Syria. PDC maintains a large network of contacts on the ground in Syria, who can identify specific needs, request aerial deliveries, and coordinate distribution. PDC also has the ability to provide logistical support, coordinate with Turkish and U.S. authorities for requisite legal permissions, and identify and hire security-vetted Turks and Syrians to support the project.