Near Term

We are continuing to experiment with different types of aircraft and supporting technologies, refining our techniques, and optimizing our concept to deliver the most aid with the greatest efficiency. We are running increasingly complex tests to validate each piece of the concept in the United States. Our near-term goal is a complete proof-of-concept, which can be readily deployed to conflict zones, disaster areas, or other regions facing humanitarian airlift needs. We are also looking to grow our relationships, both drawing on and contributing to a vibrant community that is embracing new technology for humanitarian purposes.

Mid Term

With a proof-of-concept in place, we hope to deploy it to eastern Turkey where we can begin field trials with our partner organizations. This phase will entail tests of the concept in field conditions, securing requisite legal permissions from governing authorities, and refining our logistics system to ensure continuous operations. Trials in this phase will rely on a small number of aircraft, to be used for delivery of medical supplies. We will also look for opportunities to deploy our aircraft in other contexts to meet other humanitarian needs.

Long Term

If we can validate the concept in the field using a small number of aircraft, the emphasis will shift to scale: growing our medical delivery system into a robust air bridge capable of sustainably moving a greater mass of cargo. We also plan to continue research and development with other technologies that might expand and improve on our airlift concept.